Holt Village Hall sound system

The Village Hall sound system provides the use of two radio microphones, one hand held microphone and one lapel microphone, plus the ability to play background music via two auxiliary input sockets.

The power supply for the sound system  is controlled via a main ON/OFF switch mounted to the left of the cabinet with a red indicator light showing when the system is on.  The key to open the sound system is stored in the key safe next to the sound system.

The two microphones together with leads to connect your music source equipment are stored in the cabinet.

Damaged or missing microphones or leads will be charged to the hirer.

Instructions for use:

Switch on the equipment at the main switch on the left of the cabinet and check the ON/OFF switch on the amplifier is in the on position.

For speech select the microphone you wish to use (can be either or both) from inside the cabinet.

Note 1: The hand held microphone is the master and when used will override any background music played through the auxiliary inputs.

Hand held microphone - Switch on using the ON/OFF switch at the bottom end of the microphone.

Lapel microphone - Clip microphone to lapel and clip transmitter to belt or pocket. Switch on using the push button on the transmitter.

For best results individual microphone controls should be set at 7 and if necessary the volume adjusted using the Master volume control on the amplifier.

Note 2: Both microphones are battery powered and spare batteries are stored in the cabinet. If the spare batteries are used please advise the bookings secretary so that replacements can be provided.

For background music connect your music source, MP3 player, ipod, CD player etc, via one of the two auxiliary input sockets using one of the leads stored in the cabinet. Auxiliary input sockets are located, one to the left of the cabinet above the main ON/OFF switch and one beside the window to the left of the stage.

For best results keep the volume setting on your music source low and adjust the volume with the Amplifier controls.

Please remember this is a residential area and music must NOT be played at an excessive level.

After use remember to switch OFF the microphones, return microphones and any leads used to the cabinet and turn OFF at the main switch.  Please ensure you lock the sound system cabinet and return the key to the key safe.

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Sound System Instructions