Thank you for hiring Holt Village Hall.  The Committee hopes that you enjoy your function in the Hall and requests that you leave the Hall and its equipment clean and tidy, ready for the next hirer.  If you require further help or information, please contact the Bookings Secretary by email on   Please note that the Hall is managed and run entirely by volunteers, and an immediate response cannot be guaranteed.


The Committee have worked hard to make the Hall as safe as possible, but responsibility for the safe use of the Hall’s premises, equipment and facilities rests with the principal hirer.

Please note that the terms of our insurance mean that bouncy castles or barbeques with open flames are not permitted in the Hall or outside in the car park.

In the event of an Emergency

In the event of a fire, first evacuate the Hall using the nearest available Fire Exit and assemble at the Assembly point at far end of the car park.  In the event of a serious accident, ensure the injured person is safe from further injury and keep them warm.

Call 999 and ask for the appropriate emergency service, giving your location as Holt Village Hall BH21 7DJ.  Do not attempt to fight a fire unless trained to do so.  Please note there is no telephone line available at the Hall; you will need to use a mobile phone.


For minor injuries a First Aid box and an Accident Book are stored in the high-level kitchen cabinet labelled First Aid.  All accidents must be reported as soon as possible to the Bookings Secretary by email in case of any further investigations.


Access is via a four-digit code which you will receive, with appropriate instructions, via email after we have received your payment. Please make a note of this number and be aware that the code will only work at the time of your booking, i.e. if you have booked the hall from 1pm, the code will only work at 1pm and not earlier.

Entry Checks

When first opening the Hall Hirers must carry out the following checks:

Check the location of all Fire Exits and the Assembly point at the far end of the car park.

Ensure the fire exit at the end of the Hall by the stage is unobstructed and the mechanism of external fire door operates correctly.  Please close the fire door after checking.

Check that you can unlock the white plastic door situated half way down the Hall.  This lock is operated by the turn thumb lock. (Note: wet mops are stored outside this door.)

Exit Checks

When vacating the Hall, please ensure that:

All dirt and spillages on the floor have been cleaned up.

All tables and chairs have been cleaned and returned to their storage areas.

All windows are closed.

The kitchen hatch door is closed

The fire exit door by the stage is closed.

The white plastic door half way down the Hall is closed and locked.

The kitchen door to the car park is closed.

Ensure the keys for the sound system, cutlery cupboard and Skittles are returned to the lock box and that the box is then locked.

All internal lights in the Hall and Ladies’ toilets are off (lights in the Gents are automatic).

The main door is locked (by pressing the LOCK button at the top of the lock casing) 

Note:  if leaving after dark, press the car park lights timer button in the vestibule before finally closing the door; this will provide a few minutes of light while you return to your cars.


The main distribution boards are in the storeroom beside the stage.

The kitchen distribution board is located on the wall above the hatch in the kitchen.


When appropriate, the heating will have been set to switch on one hour before your booking.  If the temperature is not to your liking the thermostat at the stage end of the Hall may be adjusted for each session, (instructions are on the thermostat).

The kitchen water heater is operated via a timer switch located in the window recess above the sink. 

The water heater in the ladies’ toilet is operated via a timer on the wall facing you as you enter.

Cutlery & crockery

Mugs, cups & saucers, glasses, plates, kettles, teapots, etc., are stored in various unlocked cupboards in the kitchen.  Wine glasses may be found in plastic boxes in the storeroom.

A small selection of cutlery for general use is provided in a unlocked drawer.  Access to the main cutlery cupboard requires a key, details of which are provided at the time of booking.   Please be careful when opening these drawers as they are very heavy.

A few tea towels are provided, but if a large quantity of washing up is to be done you please provide your own.

Tables & chairs

The small and large tables are stored in racks in the small section of the Hall and extra-large tables are kept in the storeroom behind the stage. 

To unfold the legs of these tables, gently swing the legs to the open position until the aluminium tube drops into the two white plastic clips. To fold the legs, gently pull the aluminium tube towards the end of the table until it is clear of the clips, and then swing the legs towards the table.  Alternatively, use one of the grey plastic tools provided. 

There are two types of chair, padded general use chairs and brown plastic chairs.  Please use the plastic chairs for children's parties or other activities where spillages are likely.  Do not stack more than 5 high.  When moving stacks of chairs off the stage, two people must be involved due to the weight involved.  Please do not drag chairs around the Hall, they must either be lifted or carried on the chair trolley which will be found in the Hall or in the storeroom behind the stage.

Approximately 30 padded chairs are generally stored in the small section of the Hall.


All used cutlery, crockery and glasses must be washed, dried and returned to the appropriate drawer or cupboard ready for the next hire.

All used tables must be cleaned and returned to the storage racks.

Floor brushes and a dry sweeping mop will be found in the storeroom.

No type of sticky tape may be used on the floor or painted surfaces of the Hall.  A product such as Blu Tak is acceptable provided all traces are removed at the end of the hire period.

Wet string mops are hung on the wall outside the white plastic door half way down the Hall, and a mop bucket is kept in the storeroom.

A Henry vacuum cleaner is stored in the open cupboard below the sound system.



A rubbish bin is provided in the kitchen for small general waste.  When filled, please tie the bag and place it in one of the Commercial Waste bins outside the kitchen door.  Spare bin liners are available in a kitchen drawer.

Party waste: general rubbish should be compressed as much as possible, placed in black bin bags and securely tied.  Food waste must be separately bagged and tied, before being placed in a black bag and then in one of the wheelie bins.

PLEASE NOTE: as there is no facility for separating glass or other recyclable material, we ask you to take all glass and carboard away with you.  You should bring your own containers for this purpose.


Supplementary information

If the Skittles Alley has been pre-booked, you will be advised where to find the equipment and will be given instructions on how to set it up.  To avoid accidents or damage to the fabric of the Hall it is important that these instructions are carefully followed.

The Sound System is locked, and you will be advised where to find the key to the cabinet at the time of payment.  To use the sound system with your phone or laptop, use the black cable within the sound system box.  To the left of the sound system box are two AUX sockets, plug these in and attach the other end to your device.  Switch on the sound system and adjust the volume as necessary.

After use please ensure all cables and microphones are returned to the cabinet, the cabinet door is locked and the key returned to its location.

The Wi-Fi is free and the access code can be found on the wall, to the left of the sound system.


The Committee will appreciate any feedback which will help us to maintain the Hall as a premium community facility.  Please pass your comments to the Bookings Secretary or use the suggestion box which is situated by the main Notice Board. Thank you.


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