• This Risk Assessment is based on a format issued by ACRE and has been modified to fit Holt Village Hall
  • The Hall is run by Volunteers and has no permanent staff to clean the Hall after every session.  It is therefore essential that all users of the Hall accept their shared responsibility for ensuring the Covid-19 Security of the Hall.
  • Hirers” means the person or persons booking, organising and/or participating in activities or events in the Hall.  The person named on the Hire Agreement carries the primary responsibility for ensuring compliance, but all persons attending share a delegated responsibility to comply with the latest guidelines and any instructions from the organiser.
  • Volunteers” means any of the part-time unpaid persons who look after the Hall and its facilities. (Contractors who undertake work in the Hall will normally be accompanied by a Volunteer and will be expected to observe the latest Government guidelines.)
  • Social distancing” when referred to below means maintaining the latest recommended distance between individuals or family groups.  At the time of writing (13 July 2020) the “1metre+” guideline means that 2m distancing should be observed when possible but may be reduced to not less than 1m when additional mitigating factors are in place, eg. wearing face coverings; sitting side by side rather than face to face and (ideally) 2m between tables and a chair space between occupied chairs.
  • Hand sanitising facilities, surface cleaning sprays and paper towels are provided by the Hall, but all users are encouraged to bring personal hand sanitisers and tissues.


Area of Risk

Risk identified

Actions for HIRERS to mitigate risk

Covid-19 Security compliance

Hirers may be unclear or confused about what will be required in order to comply with Covid-19 Security requirements

The Hirer must read and understand the Standard Conditions and supplementary Special Conditions, and must ensure that all conditions are complied with.

The Hirer must also ensure that all members of the group are aware of the conditions

NB: The hiring group must understand and accept their role in maintaining the Covid-19 security of the Hall which includes cleaning all surfaces, handles, and switches before attendees arrive.

Social Distancing

Government guidelines change regularly, and Hirers or HVH volunteers may be unclear about the current social distancing guidelines

Hirers must make themselves familiar with the latest Government guidelines, and must ensure that all persons attending their event are fully aware.

As the Hall has no permanent on-site staff, it is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the guidelines are complied with in order to ensure the safety of their own members and future users of the Hall


Car park, seating area, entrance steps

At the beginning and end of sessions the area outside the main door can become crowded

People drop litter while queueing

It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that individuals attending their event are aware of the risks and wait by their cars until the entrance is clear.

Scrupulous attention to the disposal of potentially contaminated tissues, face coverings etc., is essential

Observance of the 2m lines at the entrance is essential

Entrance Lobby

Pinch points can result in crowding with signs and sanitising facilities being missed

Door handles, light switches are potential virus transfer surfaces

Hirers must ensure that persons attending are aware in advance of their arrival that sanitising units are provided in the lobby and must be used.

Direction arrows on the floor must be followed

Main Hall

Potential transfer surfaces include door handles, light switches, window catches, tables and chairs. 

There are soft furnishings including chairs and curtains which cannot be readily cleaned between hires. 

Social distancing not observed

Maximum of 6 persons in the Hall at any one time, unless prior permission has been received.

Door handles, light switches, window catches, tables, chairs and other equipment used to be cleaned by Hirer before use.

Note: light switches & electrical equipment should be wiped not sprayed.

Tables / plastic chairs to be arranged to ensure 1m+ distancing.

Upholstered chairs (stored on stage) not to be used at this time.


Limited space makes distancing difficult

Many potential transfer surfaces including any crockery or cutlery used

Observe one-way system and use hand wash sink when entering kitchen (soap & paper towels provided by Hall)

Keep work surfaces clean at all times

Crockery / cutlery to be washed in hot soapy water after use; Hirer to provide own tea towels.

Leave kitchen clean and ready for next user.

Storage Areas, Furniture & Equipment

Equipment (eg. bowls mats, skittles) may need 2 people to shift

Limited space in storage areas

When 2 people needed, keep exposure time as short as possible.

Wash/sanitise hands after handling equipment, locker doors, etc.


Limited space

Many potential transfer surfaces

Air dryers not in use means extra paper towel waste

One person at a time in Ladies, Gents, and Disabled toilets

Wash hands for 20 seconds

Dispose of paper towels carefully in bins provided

Don’t forget to wipe toilet flush handles and taps

If you have any queries or concerns after reviewing this document please contact the Bookings Secretary on 01202 840631 or email

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Covid-19 Risk Assessment for Hirers